Thursday, March 24, 2011

Try watch this without a smile, nearly impossible! Bring on menopause.

Advanced Style: Age and Beauty on


  1. This video was simply amazing!! I wish I could hang out with these women I feel like I could learn a lot!! So cute : ) This proves that fashion never dies with age. Great post!!

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  6. Love the blog title! Where do you get all these cool pics?

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  8. i love this! haha I love the last woman when she says "every era brings on character!"

    very cute!

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  9. Sooo godo! Thanks for sharing. : )))

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  12. "Don't worry about getting older, each era builds character"
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  13. I'm 59 and I'm posting fashion...ha-ha! Actually I love to parody the young girl's fashion blogs. But I do love fashion, make-up and accessories. I think we "mature" women should dress a bit younger, some of my favorite shops are H&M and OVS. I'm following you from Sicily!

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  16. THIS IS GENIUS!!!! I love these ladies. And you're right, I couldn't help but smile at this! They are so cool ohmgosh.

  17. Love this! Seriously couldn't help but smile.

  18. I love this alot. Thank you for sharing. This is a very interesting bunch that I would love to hang out with any of them.

  19. How cute!

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